What is an air conditioning system in RV 

RV air conditioner is a device used to regulate the air temperature, humidity, cleanliness and flow condition in the RV. The main function of RV air conditioning is to adjust and control these parameters of the ambient air inside the vehicle through manual means, so that people can obtain a comfortable living and working experience in the uncomfortable environment such as high temperature, stuffy and dry. RV air conditioning system usually includes cold source or heat source equipment, cold and hot medium transmission and distribution system and terminal device, and also includes auxiliary equipment such as water pump, fan and pipeline system.

Why recommend a dedicated RV air conditioning system? Instead of household air conditioning

It is not recommended to install it in mass-produced RVs, because the design premise of household air conditioning is fixed, and the vehicle is moving and bumpy. The seismic resistance level of household air conditioning design can not meet the requirements of vehicle driving. Under long-term use, the components of the air conditioning will loosen and deform during vehicle driving, posing a safety hazard to users

Based on Installation location

Roof mounted air conditioners
Roof-mounted air conditioners

Advantages: It can effectively save the interior space of the RV and can be installed on the roof of almost any RV, and can quickly cool the interior of the car to a comfortable temperature

Disadvantages: Camping vehicles with raised roofs cannot be equipped with overhead air conditioning because it affects the opening of the raised roof. In addition, some tent vehicles have weak roof support cannot support overhead air conditioning

Precautions for Roof-mounted air conditioning:

The installation height of the Roof-mounted AC should be increased by about 25cm, which needs to be taken into consideration when driving. When installing the Roof-mounted AC, it is necessary to make the top waterproof, because the compressor is outside the car, and the condensate discharged will not seep into the car compartment. Moreover, maintenance, repair, and replacement in the later stage will be relatively convenient.

Roof-mounted AC, due to the use of four side air outlets, must ensure a certain power value during compressor operation in order to achieve good refrigeration effects

Back-mounted air conditioners
Back mounted air conditioners
Storage box air conditioners
Storage box air conditioners

Advantages: Low noise, suitable for a wide range of vehicle models; It does not affect the air circulation of the RV sunroof, only requires a small amount of space inside the vehicle, and can distribute cold air in different areas inside the vehicle through flexible pipes without generating any airflow.

Disadvantages: The installation cost of bottom mounted air conditioning is relatively higher, and the installation is relatively complex

Precautions for Storage box air conditioning:

It is usually installed under a seat or a fixed bed, but installation requires an opening on the floor for air exchange (inlet and outlet) and condensate drainage. A relatively simple one is the bottom air outlet, but this cooling effect will be affected. By arranging pipes, it can be made into a top air outlet, which is relatively more complicated.

Objective evaluations for RVs

1.What is the length of your RV? A longer RV requires a more powerful air conditioning or several mutually supportive units to work together

2.What are the conditions for installing air conditioning? Can it be installed on the top and is the height allowed?

3.Does your RV have large transparent windows? If there is, the vehicle will heat up faster and require cooling equipment with a larger cooling capacity

4.How is the insulation performance of your RV? For a new car with good insulation, the corresponding power requirements will be reduced.

5.The correct interaction between temperature and humidity has a direct impact on your health. As the temperature rises, the humidity should decrease. A temperature of 18-24 degrees and a humidity of 40% -70% are relatively comfortable.

The core of parking air conditioning--- Compressor

A compressor is a driven fluid device that elevates low-pressure gas to high-pressure gas. It sucks in low-temperature and low-pressure refrigerant gas from the suction pipe, drives the piston to compress it through the operation of the motor, and then discharges high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant gas to the exhaust pipe, providing power for the refrigeration cycle. Thus achieving a refrigeration cycle of compression, condensation (heat release), expansion, and evaporation (heat absorption).

Energy input of RV air conditioning system

Realy on solar

The direct output voltage of solar energy is generally 12V.24V.48V. If you want to power 220V appliances, you need to convert the direct current generated by the solar power generation system into alternating current through an inverter.

Realy on campsite

The power system is used in our ordinary households, suitable for most household appliances.

Realy on oil

DC 12V.24V.48V with safer electricity which requires a high current and requires high capacity of the battery.

Power supply in different country

220V  50Hz
120V  60Hz
120V  60Hz
230V  50Hz

The above are the power supply specifications for some countries, and the actual situation may vary.Boyard compressors can meet almost all the power needs of different countries which greatly convenient for customers to choose.

How to choose an excellent RV air conditioner?

1. Lightweight (The weight of a RV directly affects its safety and stability, so the lighter the air conditioning, the more suitable it is to be installed on the RV.)

2. More Comfortable (Traditional fixed frequency compressors, with the compressor speed basically unchanged, rely on constantly "on and off" to adjust the indoor temperature. Between opening and closing, it is easy to cause room temperature to fluctuate, so the comfort experience in the car will decrease)

3. Stability (able to adapt to long-term bumpy vibrations, and the system always maintains stable operation)

4. Low noise (it is particularly important to maintain a low noise level at night to ensure that campers can rest undisturbed)

5. More energy-efficient (the efficiency of RV air conditioning depends not only on power consumption, but also on the time it takes to cool down the RV).
Energy consumption = power consumption×operating voltage ×time)
The faster the required temperature is reached, the less energy is consumed, and the lower the battery level


Why isn't the air conditioner sometimes cold enough

①Solar panels are a good thing, they can recharge your RV for free when the weather is fine. But this can be a double-edged sword in summer, on the one hand you need to spend electricity to reduce the temperature of the car with air conditioning, on the other hand you want free solar energy to supplement the electricity. While exposed to the sun, while charging, cooling the way is not desirable, it is best to find a shady place

②Whether the air conditioner can work normally depends on the working environment. Generally, the working temperature of the overhead air conditioner cannot be greater than 52℃.

③No matter what kind of air conditioner, the best way to make it more efficient for you is to clean and maintain your air conditioner regularly.

Boyard variable frequency compressor

Boyard variable frequency compressor

Boyard has 12V/48V DC compressor, equipped with a controller, automatic stepper speed, can automatically provide the required amount of cooling according to the room situation; When the indoor temperature reaches the expected value, the air conditioning host can accurately maintain the constant speed of this temperature operation, to achieve "non-stop operation", so as to ensure the stability of the ambient temperature. That allows you to easily monitor and control your devices regardless of the outdoor weather.

Solutions for occupation height of Roof-mounted AC

Taking KFN088K compressor as an example, the height is 148mm, which is reduced compared to the height of a vertical compressor. It basically does not affect the vehicle's passing height limit and also reduces the wind resistance coefficient. The air conditioner with a maximum rated input power of 2220W .

Solutions for occupation height and noise of Roof-mounted AC

Boyang compressor adopts horizontal twin-rotary compressor, which occupies less height of the car.Due to stable operation and low vibration, the noise of the compressors is lower than the single rotary compressor. That is, under the same compressor displacement, the sound power level noise of the Twin rotary compressor is 3-5 dB lower than that of the single one.

Twin Rotary

Twin Rotary

Two 180° opposite compression chamber drastically improves the dynamic balancing and torque ripple characteristics,improves mechanical efficiency, helps to provide a silent operation and broad rpm range

Reliable Oil Supply

Mature oil supplying mechanism to pump oil into cylinder within maximum 45° angel, working on a ramp would not be problem.

Reliable Oil Supply
Wide RPM Range 1

Wide RPM Range

Lower minimum speed helps to save energy, especially critical when powered by lithium battery. Higher RPM brings faster cooling experience.

We hope nature can become a resource that everyone can enjoy and explore - Sustainable Development

According to a new proposal from the US Environmental Protection Agency, starting from 2025, all common HFC refrigerants with higher GWP (including R134a, R404A, and R410A) will be prohibited from being used in most refrigeration and air conditioning applications.

Boyang launched Latest compressor products with R32、R290 as refrigerant.

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