A Battery Thermal Management System (BTMS) is a system that manages the temperature of a battery by regulating its thermal conditions to ensure that it operates within a safe and efficient temperature range. Heat is generated during charging and discharging, accumulated to high internal temperatures that would reduce the performance, shorten battery lifespan, and even cause safety hazards.

A BTMS is designed to maintain the battery temperature within a safe operating range by using liquid cooling systems, or air conditioning systems to dissipate the heat generated by the battery. The system may also use sensors to monitor and regulate the battery's temperature, ensuring that it remains within safe limits. Boyard DC compressors are matched with controllers/drivers that can communicate with mainboard via PWM signal or CAN protocol, makes the system control reliable and agile.

key features

High comfort

Dual cylinder design bring steady operation, low noise and vibration

High Efficiency

Rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor

High Adaptability

Special vibration resistance spring mounting

High stability

Reliable oil supply system:  special oil supply mechanism and double oil pool structure. Ensure components stay lubricant even when parking in a ramp.

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The first is stability against road vibration. The second is the parking angle issue, when parking on a ramp, the compressor can operate well with special oil supplying mechanism.

DC 12V/24V/48V/312V, for other power input, we can customize upon the request if needed.

Yes, we provide the controller/Driver, if you do not find the controller you want, we can recommend the supplier.

Lowest 900 rpm(rotating per minute). With patented reliable oil supplying mechanism, the compressor can work perfectly even in very low rotating speed. This is essential for maintaining low cooling capacity in the night, also critical to save the battery energy.

With similar price, the rotary compressor has better COP performance (About 30% higher) and better stability against vibration. That is why the higher rank of truck parking a/c are all using rotary compressor, while the cheaper a/c go with scroll compressor.