Commercial refrigeration

Supermarket Showcase Deck Display Compressor


Boyang expertise at producing reliable 1-3hp refrigeration compressors and take a big market share in China. Boyang take part in drafting the national standard of commercial refrigeration rotary compressor. The compressors can be used in kitchen, home, supermarket, convenience store, for medical device, fridge, showcase, display, cabinet, ice maker, beverage, cold storage room, water chiller, refrigeration dryer etc.

Key Customer:

Haier Carrier, Panasonic, Xingxing

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For refrigeration working condition, the internal temperature and pressure is very high. Plus long time constant running, brings big challenge to the compressor’s durability. So refrigeration compressors are designed with best endurance and have special capillary chilling mechanism to cool down the pump.

Yes, we provide starting and running capacitor

All R404a series has this mechanism.

For fixed speed, 220V 50Hz, 115V 60Hz, 380V 60Hz 3phases

For DC, 12V/24V/48V/312V

R134a and R404(R448 R449 also compatible), R290( some model available, whole series to be finalized)