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General Info

We located in Lanxi, Zhejiang Province. 300km south of Shanghai.

Yes, Boyang invested the compressor factory in 2006 and the condensing unit factory was built in 2018.

Boyang is a private company created by entrepreneur Mr.Chen and Mr.Tao.

Boyang is company name, Boyard is brand name

300+ employees. Thanks to good atmosphere and policy of the company, Boyang has a good reputation and attract many top specialists in this field.
Boyang also has a very stable human resource, have more than 30% employees works more than 10 years .

Cooling for better life.

About product

One major part is air conditioner compressor, including RV/Truck/Marine/ WHSP, the other big part is refrigeration, including commercial cabinet and mobile refrigeration.

Reliability and innovation are our key strength. We focus on the niche market, providing the unique rotary compressor solution to customer.

Condensing unit refers to a device which is composed of one or more refrigeration compressors, condensers and necessary auxiliary equipment (excluding evaporator and throttling mechanism)

To use the condensing unit is very convenient for the installation of cold storage, freezers and other equipment. The terminal only needs to be connected with the corresponding throttling device and the evaporator, and the entire refrigeration system can operate normally. Manufacturers of condensing units uniformly purchase parts for production units and assemble condensing units in batches. The price and quality of condensing units will also be more advantage than the terminal's own assembly.

About customization

For customization, we are really good at it, Boyang should have the best capability and flexibility compressor manufacture. Our engineering and lab resource enable us to customize with efficiency and reliability. Boyang would love to provide unique compressor and condensing unit solutions for key customers.

Yes, all customization need company approval and normally we customize at minimum yearly volume is 3000pcs. It depends on the customization complexity and market potential.

Power input: Special power input
Exterior: like pipe position, brackets, horizontal or vertical type

Whole new design based on customer needs.

Based on the complexity and investment, can be negotiated.

Exterior modification is quick, around 2 weeks to provide samples.

Customization involved with inner parts change would be strictly processed based on company principle, which is diverted from IATF16949. So that would take 1-3months to get first sample ready, and followed by other tests like accelerated life test for further validation.

We can customize condensing unit according to customer’s requirements or provide a complete set of refrigeration system.

About technical capacity

Obtained 35 authorised patents, including 7 invention patents and 29 utility models patents.

Besides, Boyang became the state research center in 2016 and take part in drafting of the China national standard of refrigeration rotary compressor.

15 design engineers, 5 lab engineers, 3 technicians

We have five parts of engineering software, including structure simulation, lubrication analysis, flow field analysis, oil circuit simulation and design simulation.

We have several testing equipment, such as compressor cooling capacity test, compressor accelerated life test, compressor noise test, machine motor and protector test, water content test, simulated automobile transportation vibration test and other equipment.

ISO9001, ISO14001, IATF16949, CCC, CE, UL, RoHS, REACH, SGS

About production

1 million.

Flexibility and strict quality control.

Any visiting is welcomed, due to epidemic, you could check the panorama(https://world-port.made-in-china.com/viewVR?comId=QbqmyEFoCais).

Or even video call would also work for online visiting.


You could send your request to this mail address: sales@zjboyang.com, your request would be assigned and handled.

Yes, Teams/Skype/Zoom, all kinds of methods. Whatsapp and Wechat are convenient.

Domestic: China refrigeration exhibition, China retail exhibition

Global: AHR( USA), Chillventa (Nuremberg) ,MCE(Milan)

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