RV Air Conditioner Compressor

RV Caravan Mini Bus Tent Cooling AC Compressor

RV Air Conditioner Compressor

Boyang cooperate with top rank RV a/c companies in the world. Tested by the market, our RV Air Conditioner Compressor are durable and quiet, have excellent reputation among end users. Now we are providing the R32 and R290 series to support HFC reducing plan for a better climate. And also AC and BLDC series on the shelf, with all the power input you need.

Key Customer:

Dometic, Houghton, Telair

RV Air Conditioner Compressor key features of DC series

High comfort

Dual cylinder design bring steady operation, low noise and vibration

High Efficiency

Rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor

High stability

Reliable oil supply system:  special oil supply mechanism and double oil pool structure. Ensure components stay lubricant even when parking in a ramp.

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Boyang design this series towards R32’s high temperature characteristic. Using special lubricant oil, the pump key component durability also been enhanced adding special surface layers.

Propane is explosive, so Boyang add several secure design in the compressor to eliminate such danger. And the pump key component durability also been enhanced adding special surface layers.

Fixed speed: 220V 50HZ, 220V 60Hz, 115V 60Hz

DC: 12V/24V/48V/312V(inverted from 220V power suppl)

Rotary compressor’s pump has eccentric piston, which is not balanced. In double cylinder model, two cylinders are placed in 180 degree, which make the structure more balanced, hence much lower vibration and noise.

Yes, we provide the controller/Driver, if you do not find the controller you want, we can recommend the supplier.

Lowest 900 rpm(rotating per minute). With patented reliable oil supplying mechanism, the compressor can work perfectly even in very low rotating speed. This is essential for maintaining low cooling capacity in the night, also critical to save the battery energy.

You could contact us firstly, latest models may have not shown in catalog timely.
For customization, we are really good at it. Our engineering and lab resource enable us to customize with efficiency and reliability. Boyang would love to provide unique compressor solutions for key customers.