Special vehicle air conditioner

Special Vehicles School Bus Fire Fighting Truck Cooling System Air Conditioner Compressor


With rich experience of RV and truck a/c compressor solution, Boyang has expand our product strength in wider vehicle a/c application. Like machinery, ambulance, sanitation truck, fire truck, tractor, bus, etc.

key features

High comfort

Dual cylinder design bring steady operation, low noise and vibration

High Efficiency

Rare earth permanent magnet synchronous motor

High Adaptability

Special vibration resistance spring mounting

High stability

Reliable oil supply system:  special oil supply mechanism and double oil pool structure. Ensure components stay lubricant even when parking in a ramp.

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The first is stability against road vibration. The second is the parking angle issue, when parking on a ramp, the compressor can operate well with special oil supplying mechanism.

AC power, DC 12V/24V/48V/312V, for other power input, we can customize upon the request if needed.