DC24V R32 Mini Compressor GFSN040Z24

Category: Air Conditioner Compressor, Compressor, DC Power, Horizontal, R32, Twin Rotary Compressor
R32 DC 48V
Model (cc/rev)
Input Power


Rated Speed
Speed Range
Height Test Conditions Form
GFSN040Z24 4.0 1530 520 22.0 2.95 3600 900~5400 101 Conditions B H

BLDC Mini Compressor
24V Horizontal
R32  Compatible
for Telecom Cabinet, Tent Cooling, Mobile Air Conditioner
Large Capacity, Small Power,High COP



    220V 60HZ R32 AC Compressor JFN058K
    220V Variable Frequency Integrated Unit BYGY-030-QXL-REDP

    Customization service to fulfill the market needs.

    Reliable quality

    Quality control being applied from product design to production.

    Design capacity

    Mature Horizontal Design & Compact Size.

    Better Performance

    Dual cynlinder series provides better performance.



    Test Condition Evaporating Temp. Condensing Temp. Suction Temp. Liquid Temp.
    Condition A 7.2℃ 54.4℃ 35℃ 46.1℃
    Condition B 7.2℃ 54.4℃ 18.3℃ 46.1℃
    Condition C -6.7℃ 54.4℃ 35℃ 46.1℃
    Condition D -23.3℃ 54.4℃ 18.3℃ 32.2℃

    Boyard BLDC mini compressors are ideal for reliable and efficient air and liquid cooling of battery packs (BTMS).Here summarized couple of key features:

    • Enhanced motor ability for harsh environments. The battery would generate consistent heat even in very hot and humid circumstances, make it challenging for the compressor to overcome. Highstarting torque would be necessary in such condition. Hence Boyard compressor has enhanced the motor ability to ensure the performance.
    • Twin cylinders structure minimized unwanted vibration and noise to the cabin.
    • High rotating speed range, normally 900-4500rpm, makes it an energy saver in low load condition and energetic in high load circumstances.
    • Variety combination for customization: 4.0cc/6.5cc/7.5cc/11.6cc/15.0cc/18.0cc/20.3cc/30.0cc/45.6cc with all kinds of DC power input like 48V/96V/312V/600V etc.
    • Varietyof refrigerant: R32/R410A/R454B/R134a/R1234yf/R1234ze/R290
    • Horizontalor vertical available


    Cooling For Better Life

    Professional manufacturer of rotary compressor for more than 15 years
    CCC, CE, RoHS &REACH, ISO9001, IATF16949 certificates
    We have one year warranty for manufacturer
    Dual cynlinder series provides better performance
    Customization service to fulfill the market needs

    Boyard Compressor Certifications UL, CE, Rohs Environmental Proof
    Boyard Compressor Certifications UL, CE, Rohs Environmental Proof
    Boyard Compressor Certifications UL, CE, Rohs Environmental Proof
    Boyard Compressor Certifications UL, CE, Rohs
    Boyard Compressor Certifications UL, CE, Rohs
    Boyard Compressor Certifications UL, CE, Rohs


    Electric compressors represent the future of automotive air conditioning. The Boyard family of compressors is available to handle input voltages of 12 to 72 VDC to meet today’s electric vehicle requirements for both battery and comfort cooling.

    Boyard dc compressor is driven by 12V or 24V or 48V or 72V battery. The AC still runs smoothly when the truck stops the engine.

    DC12V/24V compressor is widely used in air conditioning of truck cabin, construction machinery cabin; DC72V compressor is widely used in air conditioning of electric car; DC 48V compressor is widely used in solar air conditioner, telecommunication shelter.

    When the voltage of battery is lower than the limit, the A/C system will be shut off automatically. After the battery reach recover voltage, the A/C system will re-start automatically.

    We have one year warranty for manufacturers.

    We have cooperated with many domestic and international manufacturers, like PREAIR, KINGTEC, HAIER, SANYO, and DAYRELAX and so on.

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