Shanghai 2023 China Refrigeration Exhibition

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The 34th China Refrigeration Exhibition was held from 7th to 9th April, 2023 in Shanghai. As the most influential show in HVAC, it enjoys a great popularity at home and abroad. However, the Covid-19 had a big effect on the exhibition in the past 3 years. With the release of epidemic, the flow of people in the exhibition increased significantly this year. And the booth of Boyard E3D57 also wins a lots of customers.

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Being the leading manufacturer and research center of vehicle applied rotary compressors in China, Boyang has abundant know-hows on the technical (more than 60 patents acquired in this filed) and operational of vehicle rotary compressor, coupled with good quality management and continuous technology innovation. Besides the normal compressors,such as refrigeration compressors of 1-3 horse power, BLDC compressors for auto AC unit (in vertical and horizontal) , we also took our new items to the booth for reviewing, which include R32 and R290 series compressors.



Our new condensing units also played a role in catching eyes. As manufacturer, we produce normal indoor and outdoor units for commercial refrigeration, but customization units are also acceptable. At the same time, the R&D team are open to new innovations, which enable them to bring us with micro channel unit, mini condensing unit and inverter condensing units with humanized design. The inverter condensing unit with BLDC compressor is not only energy saving, but also with low noise and vibration. Equipped with controller of different functions, it makes the installation easier and more efficient.

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The hottest item in the booth must be our AC vest. With the mini compressor and the special design, it makes outdoor working in summer not unbearable any more. Compared to the traditional ice bag and fan cooling vest, the advantages are obvious. The cooling effect wins the support after trying. It is a real wearable air conditioner that deserves the name!



Let's hope for our meeting next time at the exhibition ~~

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