High efficiency/High reliability/Compact size.

Large capacity condenser.

Special refrigeration control system to reduce energy consumption.

Easy installation with stop valve.


机组型号 Model No. BYGF-030-ZBM-SMDP-01 BYGF-040-ZBM-SMDP-01 BYGF-050-ZBM-SMDP-01 BYGF-060-ZBM-SMDP-01 BYGF-070-ZBM-SMDP-01
马力Horse Power 3P 4P 5P 6P 7P
电源Power Supplier 3PH 380V 50Hz
冷媒 Refrigerant R404A
最大充注量Refrigerant Max.(KG) 3.5kg 5.4kg
启动电流Start-Up Current(A) 36A 45A 58A 67A 101A
最大运行电流Max Running Current(A) 6.5A 8.5A 10A 11.5A 13A
蒸发温度范围 Evap.Temp  -20~5℃
环境温度范围Ambient.Temp  -10~46℃
压缩机(型号)Compressor ZB21KQE ZB29KQE ZB38KQE ZB45KQE ZB48KQE
高压压力控制器High Pressure Control 2.8OFF   2.2 ON
低压压力控制Low Pressure Control Automatic Reset(0.02 OFF 0.2 ON  )
冷凝器Condenser 风扇电机Fan Motor 规格Specification 65W*1 65W*1 65W*2 65W*2 65W*2
风扇直径(mm)*数量Diameter*Quantity φ480*1 φ480*1 φ480*2 φ480*2 φ480*2
风量Air Flow(m3/hr) 3400 3400 2*3400 2*3400 2*3400
接管Pipe 吸气口(直径)Gas Inlet Diam. φ15.88(5/8″) φ19.05(3/4″)
排气口(直径)Gas Outlet Diam. φ9.52(3/8″) φ12.7(1/2″)
外形尺寸Out Dimension 长(mm)Length 960
宽(mm)Width 420
高(mm)Height 850 850 850 1250 1250
安装尺寸(mm)Installation Dimension 580*385
制冷量(W)Capacity 蒸发温度Evap. Temp. 环境温度Ambient Temp.32℃
-20 3600 4890 6290 7220 8000
-15 4330 5850 7790 8700 9600
-10 5170 6840 9360 10300 11300
-5 6080 7910 10970 12000 13300
0 7100 9100 12500 14100 15500
5 8200 10400 17000 16500 18100



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Boyang set up the second plant with market leading condensing unit production line in 2018, which covers an area of 66,000㎡and produces 250,000 sets unit per year.The condensing units appear in two regular forms–Indoor and Outdoor. They are applied in commercial freezer, walk-in cooler, cold-chain, liquid cooling and so on. The professional engineer team can serve customers with all solutions in cooling system once the requests are received.


Q: Why choose Horizontal condensing unit?

A: Horizontal condensing unit is more compact, providing more effective volume in the showcase.

Q: What's type of compressor of the condensing unit? What's the advantage compared to reciprocating compressors?

A: The compressor is rotary compressor. In the rotary type, noise and vibration is largely reduced compared with the reciprocating compressor. Therefore noise generated by the unit can be reduced. Horizontal design makes the condensing unit more compact.

Q: Can we use this condensing unit frozen room -22°℃?

A: Yes. The evaporating temperature of condensing unit is from -5 degree to -40 degrees. It can be used in frozen room also cold storage room.

Q: Are you manufacturer?

A: Yes. We are professional manufacturer of rotary compressor and condensing units for more than 12 years.

Q: Do you have the warranty?

A: we have one year warranty for manufacturers.

Q: Which customers do you cooperated with?

A: We have cooperated with many domestic and international manufacturers, Dometic, Panasonic, Haier-carrier and so on.

Q: What are your payment terms?

A: Prefer TT.

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